Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Robbaldi Prophecy

I thought this article on how foreign Donors are paying off the professors in our universities to work against American interests was interesting.
Adversaries have been buying sway in Congress and the public eye by funding American professors who advocate for them, to the tune of $600M.... When educators who are identified as professors from prestigious universities testify before Congress, write op-eds, and appear on public or media sponsored panels, most readers and listeners value their words more than those of others less credentialed. Perhaps this is especially the case when the subject is foreign affairs... For this reason, concern is growing that our universities, especially those highly regarded, have been receiving very large sums of cash from abroad, often from countries or citizens of countries which hold positions antithetical to our interests or engage in conduct shocking to our values.

I think it has some validity.  As if it wasn't bad enough that these prof's were working against us all on their own.  The monetary sums and scope of the actions aren't huge, but to me indicative of a larger pattern and the steady drip-drip of efforts to undermine the United States.  I still say there is a widespread organization behind it all (albeit driven by philosophies, religions, ideologies), and our country is completely helpless right now except for Objectivism.  That is, one major faction spans the Arab world (there are two sub-factions:  Iran and the Saudis, of which Al Qaeda serves both), another in Russia (who have seized de facto control of the U.S. government, in my opinion, based on a long-term plan that spanned over 50 years). If you can't win against superior firepower, you use a different kind of firepower.  The Chinese are primarily about stealing every bit of our technology to my observations, but the others are mostly about undermining our ideas and institutions as a means to their ends.  (The Chinese believe they can match us in firepower in 10 years or so.)

We could throw in the many other ideological forces, including the gullible Left in general, the less-gullible George Soros faction (which has some kind of connection to the Russian faction, but is more allied with the communist internationale in some way I haven't been able to directly divine), the Catholic Church (which may be the most philosophically organized, and certainly the most intellectual--they are behind the neo-cons), and here at home, the many nihilist/revolutionary post-modern/socialist/communist academics and the less intellectually organized bible-thumping Protestants (who are mainly puppets to the Vatican's schemes) -- but the sum total is a worldwide effort to destroy the United States that can only be prevented with philosophical inoculation of the right kind.  That is, the vaccine of Objectivism, if there's still time. (Is there?  Who knows.)

If you can forgive a superficial metaphor, so many of the players in all the "patriotic" factions inside the U.S. remind me of characters in the TV show "Alias" -- who didn't realize the supposed black ops group of the CIA they were working for (SD-6, Special Directorate 6), was actually part of "The Alliance", a world-wide network of the very enemy they thought they were fighting against. Ie, if you've seen the show, SD-6 pretends to be part of the CIA, and it's agents will do *anything* to defend the Republic (including murder), but instead of defending the country, their every mission had been to undermine and ultimately lead to the downfall of the U.S. 

The point of this metaphor is an early episode of the series, when CIA agent Vaughn rolls out a very large, detailed chart showing duped SD-6 agent Sidney Bristow (Jennifer Garner, for whom Vaughn is the "handler") that the web of SD-6 is massively more extensive than she ever suspected, spanning the entire planet -- it's a Medusa that can't be eliminated by lopping off the tentacle of one field office in L.A.  That's where we are with regard to all the conspiracies by foreign countries and interests now working to destroy the United States.  


  1. Very creative and thoughtful.

  2. I'm a big fan of Alias. Your analogy makes a very good point about the onslaught of irrationality on all fronts, and that Objectivism is the antidote.

    David McBride

  3. Robb,

    I don't know if you have seen these Bill Whittle videos. But I think it furthers your argument that the Muslims were either trained by the Soviets or are copying Communist tactics. I think you will appreciate these videos alot:

    Fits right in with this Alias post.

    D. Bandler


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