Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Religious Right hasn't given up

26 Nov 2006
"Brownback, speaking on ABC's ''This Week,'' said there
was both room and a need
among Republicans ''to develop some new plays,
particularly on the compassionate conservative agenda.''
Recall the recent Objective Standard article on the real meaning of the neocons (www.theobjectivestandard.com). This next election will surely be an interesting ride.

I'm reminded of a sci-fi story by Heinlein ("If This Goes On"), written in the 40's, about the religious takeover of the U.S., circa year 2000. From the perspective of a revolution around 2075, after 75 years of rule by,ironically, a series of "prophets", though not of the Muslim kind,Washington DC then being called "New Jerusalem". (The "First Prophet" being the Holy Reverend Nehemiah Scudder, straight from the bible belt around Kansas, who rises from the dead every year to appear on TV for the faithful.)

No, I don't think that's happening in 2008, but it sure is interesting what kind of roaches are being flushed from the water closet right now. (Which is a weird metaphor, I know. A product of my subconscious.)

Drug Doubles Endurance, extends lifespan 30%

26 Nov 2006
One of the most interesting stories of this type I've ever come across:
A drug that prolongs life, averts degenerative disease and, on top of all that, makes you into a champion athlete -- at least if you are a mouse -- sounds almost too good to be true.

They also have a reduced heart rate and energy-charged muscles, just as trained athletes do,

Dr. Auwerx attributes this change in large part to the significantly increased number of mitochondria he detected in the muscle cells of treated mice.

Their rationale for testing resveratrol was evidence obtained three years ago that it could activate a genetic mechanism known to protect mice against the degenerative diseases of aging and to prolong their lifespan by 30 percent.

much more moderate doses of resveratrol protected mice from the metabolic effects of a high-calorie diet. Though his mice did not lose weight, they lived far longer than undosed mice that were fed the same high-calorie diet...

...it is rare that we identify orally active molecules, especially natural molecules, that have such a broad-based, positive effect on a problem as widespread in society as metabolic disease.

Dr. Sinclair has said that he has been swallowing resveratrol capsules for three years, and that his parents and half his lab staff do the same. So does Dr. Tomas Prolla at the University of Wisconsin. "The fact that investigators in the field are taking it is a good sign there is something there." He and his colleagues said the same mechanism seems likely to operate in humans... "
And, as always, we should be interested in the investment angle:
Resveratrol is now available in capsules that contain extracts of red wine and giant knotweed, a plant found in China. One manufacturer of such capsules is Longevinex, whose president, Bill Sardi, said today that demand for the product had increased by a factor of 2400 since Nov. 1.
Which, had they stock trading on the markets, would translate to a 2400:1 increase in share price. But I think we might reasonably assume that the good doctors involved in this study either have, or will have, business opportunities in the works. Maybe a large pharmaceutical company or three, or a startup...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog Inauguration

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to stop being nagged to set up a blog, it behooves me to remove the chains of female verbal bondage and just set the fricking thing up. This is it. I am now famous. My words are enshrined on the web for all future generations to be in awe of, to ruminate over, to pass on to future generations my pithy, yet prolix wisdom. Here you are.