Monday, December 9, 2013

Chickens Come Home To Roost on Saint Mandela

I've always known that the "racism" charge has been an especially pernicious means of promoting the agenda of the Left by disarming people today (not just white) with intense guilt... for things that some other guys did a century and a half ago. But as much as Obama cashed in on it, I thought the scam of its cachet was definitely on a rapid decline.... till Mandela died.

Then I saw an enormous number of people -- not everyone, but way too many -- on the Right (whatever the hell that means anymore), including even more than a few alleged admirers of Ayn Rand, who were jumping on the bandwagon that rationalized -- sometimes in the most egregious ways -- Mandela's lifelong Stalinist communism and murders, as if he was the "great savior" of the incredible evils of South African apartheid -- as if they were worse than, say, Stalin's murder of 10 million Ukrainian farmers, or Pol Pot's murder of 3 million Cambodians, or Mao's murders of 10's of millions of Chinese during the Cultural Revolution, or Castro's destruction of Cuba and summary executions of opponents, or.....

You get the picture. Context-dropping on an epic, planetary scale, from otherwise rational people, from my observation. People willing to claim they don't know nuthin' about Mandela, so hey, let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt, ya know? He just died. Show a little respect.

Or people who cast about with a 5 minute search on Wikipedia and come up with a page doubtless written by Mandela's commie supporters -- but don't bother to check for that (too much work or not enough imagination) -- which engages in wholesale historical revisionism, offering a convenient buy-in to the storyline (and I do mean storyline, one Hollywood could be proud of) promoting the fable that all his years in jail made Mandela a changed man!!

Praise the Lord. Mandela, I'm supposed to hallucinate, saw the light and had renounced his commie ways before he died. Forget the thousands who died because of him. Let's all hail Saint Nelson for saving the world from SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID... you know, not slavery, of course, just discrimination here and there. Not captives in a totalitarian state, you know, cause anyone who didn't like it could board an airplane or boat and leave any time they wanted, rather than getting machine-gunned to death crossing the no-man's-land of an East German-like border.

I mean, we're supposed to believe he renounced his commie ways, even if, you know, he didn't renounce his commie wife and commie friends, or chosen commie replacement who openly sings about machine-gunning to death every white in South Africa. Someone must have slipped an old East German mickey or Heinrich in on him.

I see only one explanation for this mass psychosis: the post-modern disease of unearned racial guilt still lives on as viral as ever. In their quest to prove to everyone that they oppose racism, they rationalize... communism, the greatest mass killer ideology in the history of mankind.

You see, to them, racism that was the South African variety of discrimination here or there was obviously far more evil than communism of the, you know -- ten's of millions dead here or there and everyone enslaved from birth to grave.

Brilliant analysis. But tell that to the people of North Korea.

Hey, crappy wages and separate seating areas was clearly worse than anything that goes on in the Middle East today, like Saudi Arabia, which still has slave bazaars, still castrates men into more obedient eunuchs after years of good service as child-prostitutes for sheiks, still stones women to death for "dishonoring" their families by having.... a boyfriend or looking too revealing (maybe).

Well, you can judge a man by his priorities.

In any case, as flags across the U.S. obediently drop to half-mast on the order of Saint Obama, in remembrance of Saint Mandela, while everyone solemnly rubs blue mud in their belly buttons to demonstrate their sanctimonious disdain for racism the world over, the historical revisionists score another field goal and communists advance with the ball, based on nothing more than an opposing team that is too shackled with unearned guilt to try to stop them, too intellectually arrested to ask questions or seek sufficient knowledge to recognize the enemy, too obsessed with proving their moral righteousness to deflect charges of guilt or racial insensitivity, too ready to take on the burdens of evils done a couple centuries ago.

On such basis, or lack thereof, so goes the world.

(P.S.:  Some have criticized me for understating the wrongs of apartheid, but my point was deliberate:  to make people think about the sheer magnitude of the evil many are sanctioning -- communism -- in praising Mandela for "doing some good".  One does not fight a lesser evil with a greater evil.  Mandela did no good at all.  He was a Stalinist who caused the murders of many people, in the name of enslaving an entire country and murdering many, many more.  South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world since his ascendancy, and its economy is in shambles.  It will get much, much worse before it gets better there.

One must note:  the Left is trying to deify Mandela, and the defication has exactly one purpose:  to promote communism.  The agenda is that simple.  And those suckers who fall for the trap are aiding and abetting untold future horror for the planet, unless the trend is reversed. )