Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama's End-Game

One thing I watch for closely is how Obama is working to undermine the military. My track record of prediction is quite good since he was elected -- 100%. Elimination of 2/3 of the U.S nuclear arsenal while letting the Russians increase their nuclear forces -- under the new START treaty. His "budget deal" that gave him the authority to cut DOD budget 50% -- as long as the Congressional "super-committee" failed to reach agreement on other cuts (they did fail -- the Dems on that committee were the most left-wing, including known communists like Patty Murray). His cutting of F22 fighter program, and soon the F35. And more. The common denominator is: eviscerate the military.

Two more stories today. First is this one, Pentagon cuts reshape military, trim costs, which discusses details of more defense cuts, including
- Delay development of a new ballistic missile submarine by two years.
- Eliminate six of the Air Force's tactical-air fighter squadrons and retire or divest 130 aircraft used for moving troops and equipment.
- Retire seven Navy cruisers and two smaller amphibious ships early, postpone the purchase of a big-deck amphibious ship by one year and postpone the planned purchase of a number of other vessels for several years.
- Eliminate two Army heavy brigades stationed in Europe and compensate by rotating U.S. based units into the region for training and exercises.
- Study the possibility of further reducing the size of U.S. nuclear arsenal.
This last is the primary goal of Obama. The submarines -- secondary.  The others -- gravy.

Then this next story, Senior NSC aide vetted for Pentagon assistant secretary post, about an NSC aide being sent to the Pentagon to help with budget cuts. Well, Obama is putting a lot of NSC aides over in the Pentagon right now to help with budget cuts. People close to him. Reliable people. But I immediately thought, what about this new guy, Derek Chollet? Who is he? What's his background? Does he have any suspicious associates?

Well, it turns out my first guess was exactly right--he was a "special advisor" to Strobe Talbott during the Clinton Administration. So what? Well, the most important Russian defector after the fall of the Soviet Union, Sergei Tretyakov, who used to run the KGB mission at the U.N. (hundreds of KGB agents) said Talbott was "our most important intelligence asset". During the Clinton Administration.

I would ask Tretyakov more, but two summers ago Putin had him killed -- "heart attack". (See my post The Spy Who Came in from the Cold ... to a place getting rather chilly.) Two weeks after Tretyakov's surprise death on June 13, 2010, you'll note, we arrested 10 Russian moles and were going to prosecute them--but Obama rushed to send them back to Russia.

And people wonder why I suggest Obama is a Russian mole himself? His every action is consistent with that end.  Quite aside from the communist parents (two fathers) and grandparents, KGB mentor (Frank Davis), ad infinitum.

I think Obama is gearing up to win the election.  When that happens -- the gloves come off.  I'm 100% sure he will do everything in his power to completely eliminate the U.S. nuclear deterrent. Stay tuned.


  1. I think Obama is gearing up to win the election. When that happens -- the gloves come off. I'm 100% sure he will do everything in his power to completely eliminate the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

    But wouldn't even a serious leftist know that it is that nuclear deterrent which protects the U.S. and any leftist politician's power? Can even a leftist be that suicidal? It does seem that Obama's actions are designed to destroy the United States. That does raise the question if he answers to a foreign power. Or maybe that is the depth of depravity possible to someone who is a anti-American leftist revolutionary. Maybe deep down Obama hates America to the depth of his non-existent soul.

    D. Bandler

  2. I think you've answered your own questions!...


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