Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obama's End Game

There have been people I know who belittled my suggestion that Obama is actually a Russian mole with the objective of eliminating the entire U.S. arsenal.  This article ("US reviewing nuclear arsenal with eye to new cuts") is another nail in that coffin.
 WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has begun examining whether it can make cuts to its nuclear weapons stockpiles that go beyond those outlined in a recent treaty with Russia. ...Arms control advocates say the United States is mired in Cold War-era thinking about nuclear deterrence and are pressing the administration to use the review to rethink U.S. nuclear requirements. They say the decisions will be a test of President Barack Obama's commitment nearly two years ago to put the world on a path toward eliminating nuclear weapons.
I'll make an even more radical suggestion -- don't be surprised if Obama attempts to unilaterally begin destroying nuclear weapons or delivery systems by executive fiat before his term is over.

I note also (once again) that his chief arms reduction negotiator, Rose Gottemoeller , is also, in my opinion, a Russian mole.  She completely fits the profile.  (Not that half his White House staff doesn't fit it also.) 
...the study could shape talks it has proposed with Russia on weapons not covered by the New START treaty. The administration wants to focus on stored nuclear weapons and those intended for short-range delivery, known as tactical nuclear weapons. But negotiations with Russia also could lead to further reductions in deployed long-range nuclear weapons.
Rose, I might add, is also an advocate of unilateral cuts in non-nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

In my opinion, even the new Start treaty puts this country seriously at risk for a nuclear first strike, when you factor in the number of warheads carried on single submarines or bombers, and simply calculate the number of targets you have to hit.  How many subs, airbases and missile silos do you have to hit?  A few hundred.  (Usually a third of the subs are in port at any one time, anyway.)

Then include all the stolen secrets (it's been a hemorrhage for 20 years) that increase the accuracy and lethality of enemy ICBMs to hit our hardened silos, or their ability to now track our submarines.  (A sub that's even 2000 feet underwater couldn't survive even a small nuke exploded on the surface -- pressure wave would crush the hull.)  I would bet that a credible war games scenario could show that at least 90% (and possibly much higher) of our nuclear deterrent could be taken out with high probability based on Obama's arms reduction objectives.

If the Republicans could get control of the Presidency and Senate, a priority at least as big as repeal of the Health Care bill would be, in my opinion, abrogation or repeal of the new Start Treaty.

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