Friday, September 4, 2009

The Real meaning of Health Care Reform

A point that more people need to recognize-- I rarely hear it -- is that health care "reform" is not primarily about health care. The primary goal of health care "reform" is the enactment of the legal basis for totalitarianism. So many of the provisions of the health care bill, to a close reading, set a precedent for government control of every single basis of our lives -- health care or not. This is the main goal of the health care bill. The intellectual Far Left and Castroites like Obama know this. This is why they will fight tooth and nail to pass any kind of compromise, and why it is so critical to prevent a health care bill from being passed in any form whatsoever.

Some may disagree, but I contend the goal of Obama and company is not to improve our lives. Even to opponents, their intentions should not be interpreted as "well-meaning but misguided". Whether it is a health care "reform" bill, a "stimulus" bill, or any other policy goal to come along, the common thread is state control of everyone and every thing we say and do. Arguments against the health care bill that focus only on the pragmatic merits of "cost savings" or other efficiencies, or that grant the moral high ground to "taking care of the uninsured" will leave us vulnerable to mutant creatures like RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and Blue Dogs ("moderate" Democrats) cutting a compromise deal that will ultimately soon have all of us ("uninsured" or not) living like cattle in feedlot barns, waiting to have our throats cut in the slaughterhouse of government's "good intentions".

The moral argument against Obama's policies must be made: Those who came to this country and embraced the Constitution for the freedom it offers are *not* altruists or any other form of spiritual parasite: we have a right to live our lives, to pursue our own happiness, to trade freely (including speech) with anyone or any private entity we want to who respects our rights -- without government interference or regulatory encumbrance or "moral duty" to "help" others, whatsoever. The bill promoted by the Obama Administration advocates the exact opposite -- unbridled statism. That is why it must be defeated.