Sunday, July 4, 2010

Strategy and Tactics

With all the controversy over the DOJ quashing of a criminal case that was won against New Black Panthers who engaged in "mob" type control of Philadelphia polling places (eg, ), keep your eye on the ball ... Panthergate is the tip of the coming iceberg in terms of what Obama, Holder and the rest of their ilk will attempt.  Well before the last election, I was one of the first to raise the alarm that Obama and his people were actually communists, not simply "very Left" or "Socialist".

That got me a lot of skepticism if not outright eye-rolling.  I'm not getting that anymore, especially since Beck and many others took up the charge to inform people.  Now I'm going out on a limb again with a suspicion that has been growing since that time. As I said in something I posted at,
    "What will be telling in the months to come is how the SVR agents’ cases are disposed of. If you see them getting whitewashed in the manner of the new Black Panther case, you may reasonably suspect that Obama doesn’t want them prosecuted for other reasons.
    "I submit in all seriousness that it should be considered as a frightening possibility that a man who was born of communists, raised by communist grandparents, mentored by a communist who was under the direct influence of the KGB, and who has associated extensively his entire adult life with communists … has potentially been directly under the control of the Russian SVR, and helped, promoted and financed to gain the highest possible office in the United States, where he could have the greatest possible impact on U.S. policy, the greatest possible destructive effect on the U.S. economy, and the greatest possible opportunity for theft of American secrets (which can be accomplished "legally" by simply declassifying documents, as Bill Clinton and his minions did).
    "The FBI should interrogate these arrested SVR agents and any other in the manner of Al Qaeda operatives, to expose this fact. Or offer a massive reward (let’s say, $100M) to any former KGB / SVR, to provide evidence of same. But again, watch what happens. The FBI reports to Eric Holder (who is probably a communist)."
Take that seriously.  Don't let anyone intimidate you as a "conspiracy theorist".  "Conspiracy Theories" are speculation based on not a shred of evidence, circumstantial or otherwise.  There is a flaming warehouse of circumstantial evidence in the case of Obama.  But the label of "conspiracy theorist" has always been a very effective technique of communists to prevent people (even police and intelligence) from looking into such things, since at least the McCarthy era.

You will note that the activities of the recently arrested SVR/former KGB agents was all about influencing U.S. policy. This has always been the modus operandi of the Soviets / neo-Soviets running Russia, since Stalin's time: pull the strings of the intellectuals, push the politicians where you want to go. But that doesn't mean they don't want agents who become politicians.

Keep your eye on key "policy" issues like nuclear and conventional disarmament (see, or Cap and Trade (which will cripple the Western economies).

I could include the ending of the ABM deployment, which was definitely an SVR / KGB goal, but it is now effectively dead.  I could include the Health Care Nationalization Act, but it has already passed. (Though Health Care nationalization  has long been a deeper "policy" goal of Leftists in general and KGB promotion as a "policy" goal is unlikely, I include it for the simple reason that it supports a Russian agenda of destabilizing the U.S. economy and system, whether they realize it or not. See some supporting arguments  here: or )

Obama's purpose in all cases here:  to enact as much as possible before the mid-term election, whatever the cost to the Democrats.  Why else does Cap and Trade keep rearing its head like Jason in Friday the 13th?

Is Obama an SVR agent?  I currently give it better than 75% odds right now, when you gather up the sum total of the evidence, which is much deeper than that brief list above, and which includes a knowledge of how the KGB long operated.  (for some insight, see ).  Before the election I didn't think it a possibility.  Now I'd put serious money on it.  This is why I would implore any patriotic FBI, CIA, DIA and other personnel to do whatever they can to investigate and expose the evidence, on their own time, if necessary. (I do know there are many patriotic people in these agencies, and they have the best skills and resources.)

The survival of the Republic depends on it.  We need the Obama equivalent of Climategate -- get the emails, voice messages, confessions, FBI files and all else out there on the internet for everyone to see and judge for themselves.

Postscript on Obama's motives:  Whether SVR agent or not, deeper than simply acting for the Russians.  He is ideologically driven, remember.  Some say conventionally corrupt, others say pragmatic ... I say no.  Yes, he'll take a crooked buck, but ideology trumps all else with him.  Communists by nature are insecure megalomaniacs, and their conspirializing reflects their need to prove their "superior" intelligence.  As does their quest for power.  To understand this, see my comparison to Ayn Rand's character of Ellsworth Toohey (in The Fountainhead):

Post-post-script:  Fundamental ideas always trump politics.  Whether Obama is SVR or not doesn't mean the key ideas of philosophy aren't more important.  Much more so.  What makes people susceptible to Leftist / SVR / KGB goals?  Their views of reality -- metaphysics.  Are human beings pawns of fate, or free agents?  (Can workers be manipulated by evil Capitalists?  Can Capitalists be manipulated by smarter Communists?  etc.)  What makes them susceptible to irrational arguments like "freedom from hunger", etc?   Their view of epistemology.  What makes them susceptible to enslaving people with laws like the Health Care bill?  Their views of ethics (ie, altruism).  What makes them susceptible to unrestrained democracy, democratic socialism, socialism, and ultimately communism?  Their views on metaphysics, epistemology and ethics. (But of course the "smartest" ones jump to the head of the line.)

You don't win the war if you only defeat the communists -- ultimately, you have to defeat their ideas.  Communists become communists because they hold certain ideas beforehand, regardless of how they came to hold them.  Defeating those ideas is crucial.  That is a much longer term strategic goal, but the most important one.  But wars (even ideological wars) are fought battle by battle.  And tactically, it could be enormously useful to defeat the communists right now, by exposing Obama as a deep cover Russian SVR agent (if he is).

It would discredit the Left in a way they have never been discredited, and it could buy us enough time to save the Republic in the near term, so that the long term battle can be won in the minds of Americans -- their understanding of the full nature of what the Founding Fathers were attempting to achieve, the full nature of individual rights, which our government is the only one in history to enshrine, and the full nature of the importance of Reason as an absolute.  Strategy and Tactics are both essential to winning any war.  As Ayn Rand said (in the character of John Galt):  A is A.

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  1. I've been intimating as much about Obama in my Rule of Reason commentaries (also on CapMag and The Dougout, and on other blogsites that pick up the commentaries). I also said as much in my recent Middle East Forum comments (Daniel Pipes), in which I suggested that Obama's policies and actions are so irrational that they can only be deliberate and with a single goal: to destroy the country. Ed


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