Friday, July 9, 2010

KGB Today

Which was the title of a good book  published in 1984, but below is a video, made in 1982 and nominated for an Emmy, on the history of KGB infiltration of the United States, with many interviews of actual KGB agents, defectors, etc. If you have never been exposed to this stuff, and you're like most people, I'm betting you'll be shocked at how extensive the Soviet networks were -- and still are.

For instance, by 1980 they had 500 agents in the United Nations, filling all the top posts. But among their agents outside the U.N. were many more Americans than I can list here. The entire 2 hour and 10 minute video is fascinating, but if you want to get a visceral sense of it all, jump to 1:44:45 to hear Congressional testimony of Elizabeth Bentley, an American who worked as a Soviet spy and who came in from the cold because she suspected the Soviets were about to kill her. She describe in great detail how the Soviets were getting information from practically every department of the United States government, all through the 1940's.

As I said, there's a lot of information in this video (no matter how fleeting) indicating how the Soviets and communists recruited Americans, arranged meetings, maintained cell organizations, planned disinformation campaigns, etc., etc.

Now couple this with recent reports that KGB spy rings were never disrupted after the fall of the Soviet Union, and they've actually been expanded under Putin.

If you get through the entire show, ask yourself: how likely is it that any man who was raised by communist parents and grandparents, and mentored by a man who was known to be under KGB control, and who has associated his entire life with communists, and who continues to associate with communists -- how likely is it that man might now be under the control of the KGB's heir, the Russian SVR?

That man, of course, is the current President of the United States.

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