Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Psychology of a Spiritual Looter

The one common theme in all the new government laws, policies and edicts coming our way now that Obama and the Democrats have almost unbridled power (and even their many statist allies among the Republicans) -- is power as an end in itself.  They are like thugs in a candy store of helpless victims.  They rationalize every act as "for our own good", but when you see Obama seizing control or ordering the dissolution of entire industries while acting as the behind the scenes puppet master of union goons beating up innocent Tea Party protesters, or even the absolute absurdity of Bloomberg's attempts to regulate **SALT** (an essential nutrient of life!), and now the NY state legislature contemplating making organ donation MANDATORY (see you may be absolutely sure that their motives have nothing whatsoever to do with our well-being -- it is all about expressing their desire to exert absolute, unbridled power over all of us, to prove it can be done, to prove that we can be subjugated, to prove that they are in control of not just our existence, but all existence. 

Dwell a moment on why someone would need to do that... the psychology of someone who is terrified to face existence on his own, terrified of independence, crippled--at some deep, unadmitted level--in self-doubt about their own competence to exist.  This manifests as a hatred of every competent being out there--every businessman, every capable person, every rational person, every person of integrity, honesty and loyalty to real values (like the founding principles of the U.S. Constitution), everyone who creates values and happiness on Earth.  As Ayn Rand put it so well, their's is a "hatred of the good for being the good".  The only way they have to express that is a desire to destroy everyone who is an affront to their own inner self-loathing and self-doubt -- traits they desperately seek to conceal from everyone with a veneer of intellectuality, wit, sneers, condescension, and superficial social polish.  Which over time becomes manifested as power-lust and various forms of megalomania.

This is why I say Obama is so great danger -- his entire life has been spent manipulating people, not existence, and his ideology--a form of Castroite Marxism--is formulated to the ultimate form of that end -- destruction of all human life and happiness.

The question of the hour is whether the American public as a whole (excluding those who subscribe to the sadomasochistic serflike mentality that welcomes a healthy regular beating) will stand for it. 

Right now the best thing for the country may be if Obama gets his way on everything as fast as possible -- and I mean months, not years.  He's lusting to be an absolute dictator-for-life: he's got the megalomanical mentality of Nicolai Ceausescu.  Look him up (eg, -- former Romanian dictator.  Especially how he got started, how his ideals and his power drove him mad, and his fitting ending, after destroying the economy of that country. 

Unlike Romania, I don't believe that Americans as a whole will tolerate a dictator -- if it happens quickly enough.  And the experience of preventing that could forever stiffen the resolve of this country to ever tolerate it happening again.


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