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Commies in the Closet of Comrade Obama

Reading the Times' story at bottom, I found another commie in Obama's closet:

        Charles Ogletree, Harvard Law School professor.  
        Ogletree taught both Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard; he has remained close to Mr. Obama throughout his political career.

From Wiki.  I highlight the "Harvard professor" part because it makes the guy extremely influential, and it's clear from the sanitized bio's online that he has been and continues to be extremely influential.

The stuff excerpted below just turned up in a quick search, but what's clear is that the guy is very careful about what gets out in public about himself (he probably wrote the bios himself) -- for instance, he is a prolific writer and legal scholar, but there's not a word in wikipedia about what's in his writings, or what kind of court cases he is so famous for winning.

In researching a guy like Obama or anyone else with connections to communists, it's SO important to look at his teachers, and the teachers of his teachers, and their teachers, ad infinitum.  Also, to look for the euphemisms like "membership in activist" groups.  Or to ask... what does someone do in Cuba, in the 1970s, as part of a student activist group??  Who do you meet with, talk to?  If you are a fellow traveler (as communists like to call themselves, and Ogletree was a Black Panther -- ie, communist bent on radical overthrow of the United States), what do they ask you to do when you go back home?  Etc.

All this is just a very small piece of why I say there is no doubt whatsover that Obama is a communist, and these days, as the evidence mounts, I'm more and more inclined to say that he is actually a mole receiving instructions from overseas.  Probably Cuba or Russia, or both. 


Ogletree became a campus radical, organizing an Afrocentric (though still integrated) dormitory, where he met his future wife, Pamela Barnes. He edited a campus Black Panther newspaper called The Real News and traveled to Africa and Cuba as part of student activist groups.

He attended nearly every day of the trial of Black Power activist and Communist Angela Davis.

Ogletree also gained prominence in 1991 when he was asked by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to write up an investigation into the legal career of a former Equal Employment Opportunity Commission chief and African-American judge Clarence Thomas... Ogletree drafted a 30-page report on Thomas that was instrumental in the NAACP's vote of no confidence for the nominee. He later became further embroiled in the battle against Thomas when charges of sexual harassment were leveled against the judge by a law professor and former EEOC subordinate named Anita Hill;

The following year, Ogletree's career at Harvard--whose decision- makers had named him assistant professor in 1989--became the subject of controversy when a paper he had submitted to the school's Law Review Journal was called into question by some of the publication's staff.

In 2004 Harvard disciplined Ogletree for plagiarizing six paragraphs from Yale scholar Jack Balkin's book, What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said in his own book, All Deliberate Speed: Reflections on the First Half-Century of Brown v. Board of Education.  Ogletree apologized, saying that he "made a serious mistake during the editorial process of completing this book, and delegated too much responsibility to others during the final editing process.” Former Harvard President Derek C. Bok concluded, "There was no deliberate wrongdoing at all...He marshaled his assistants and parceled out the work and in the process some quotation marks got lost.”

Ex-Mentor: Sharpton Is Obama's Link to the Streets


Published: April 18, 2010
Filed at 1:00 a.m. ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Rev. Al Sharpton is a ''lightning rod'' for President Barack Obama on inner city streets, Obama's former Harvard mentor and friend said Saturday at a forum in Harlem.

But Sharpton, who led the event, told The Associated Press that America's first black president ''has to work both for us and for others,'' and that if Obama were to push a race-based agenda, ''that would only organize the right against him.''

Sharpton spoke on the last day of an annual conference organized by his National Action Network. Speakers included three members of Obama's Cabinet and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, as well as
Charles Ogletree, the president's Harvard Law School professor, now a friend.

''Al Sharpton has become the lightning rod in moving Obama's agenda forward,'' Ogletree told the AP, describing Sharpton as a conduit between the disadvantaged and powerful leaders. ''And he has access to both the streets and the suites, to make sure that the people who are voiceless, faceless and powerless finally have some say.''

Standing at the back of a balcony overlooking Harlem's ornate First Corinthian Baptist Church, the 57-year-old lawyer said that some black Americans may be disappointed the president they helped elect isn't doing more for them.

''And President Obama expected to do a lot more,'' said Ogletree, referring to the challenges Obama faces in two wars and the struggling economy. Still, he predicted, the new health care law would affect uninsured black Americans more than any other segment of the population.

Sharpton clearly was at the center of this forum. Saturday, the front page of The Washington Post featured a photo of him with a headline that read: ''Activist Al Sharpton takes on new role as administration ally.''

He chuckled at the notion.

''I've been as much in this White House as I was in George (W.) Bush's -- it's only when Bush invited me to the White House, it was him reaching out; when Obama invites me, all of a sudden, we're allies,'' Sharpton joked during a break, sitting in a pew on the altar that served as a high-tech stage.

Amid a heated national debate over whether black leaders should align themselves with the president, Sharpton has defended Obama against criticism from television host Tavis Smiley that ''black folk are catching hell'' and Obama should do more to help them.

Black Americans, Sharpton said, ''need to solve our own problems.''

Sharpton told the AP that he is working to expand his Harlem-based organization to 100 cities from the current 42, with about 200,000 members, ''and to really deliver against unemployment that is disproportionate in the black community, and for health care and education reform.''

The four-day conference, focusing on a 12-month plan of action for black leadership, brought together prominent figures from dozens of fields, tackling topics as diverse as finding jobs for men leaving prison and federal subsidies for black farmers.

Sharpton's plan to better life for black Americans measures its success by individual goal-setting -- ''every day, every week, every month,'' said Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

Nutter has a big goal: to reach and teach a half million adults in his city who are considered ''low-literate,'' which means they can read, technically, but have difficulty understanding a newspaper article or even a utility bill.

''It is impossible for parents to help their children if they can't read,'' said Nutter, who leads the largest American city with a black mayor. ''It is almost impossible to lift yourself out of poverty if you can't function at a high enough level.''


  1. Obama really is the Manchurian Candidate.

  2. It's interesting, and sad, to read about most black people in this country now.

    I did some research on black America for a script set in first quarter of the 20th century. It was eye opening.

    Despite a much more adverse situation racially in the country, including endemic racism, lynchings both legal and physical, etc. the black community had a strong work ethic and was generally pro American. Witness how they turned out to fight in WW II.

    As the welfare state took hold in the 50s and especially in the 60s, it literally destroyed the black community, leading to the institutionalized ignorance, poverty, crime, and drug addiction now, as well as to the kind of black leaders who are racists themselves, always ready to blame everybody else, especially whites, for their own community's problems in order to extract more government dollars for themselves and their political favorites.

    Doug Mayfield

  3. And the communists deliberately exploited that and targeted black people. Really, communists are the worst kind of evil plague this planet has seen. I think that's probably true even over religion. People won't understand how evil it is until we go through the total collapse of the United States, like what happened in the Soviet Union, but only if that happens very fast will our culture retain it's unique identity and survive to rebuild.


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