Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New START a Dead End

My take on the Obama tax cut offer is that he's offering only to try to quickly clear the tax legislation from the Senate agenda so he can pass the new START treaty with Russia before he loses much of his Senate votes in a few weeks. It needs 60 votes. This treaty is an absolute disaster for us -- it's a completely one-sided nuclear arms reduction that will eviscerate our strategic deterrent. I've been warning that this was a top priority of Obama's for over 2 years. Some of you know why I think that.

The "Republican" leading the charge in the Senate is Richard Lugar. Consider that before Obama ever even ran for President, Lugar was trying to pull Obama (a few months in the Senate after his election) onto the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where things like START are brought to a vote. Then, Lugar took Obama to Moscow (again, before he ran for President), and the two disappeared into a locked room at the airport for something like 4 hours, with no communication with anyone from their entourage.

I've long had grave doubts about Lugar (I like that word "grave", and it fits in this case--the guy looks like an undertaker), going back something like 15 years. In my firm opinion the guy is a communist posing as a Republican. Maybe I can't call him a "mole" if he's American born, but I do think he's been deliberately working against American interests, like Strobe Talbot was (Clinton national security advisor), whom Sergei Tretyakov, our most important defector in 20 years (he ran the U.N. spying operation of the Russian SVR/KGB) called "the most important American asset Russia had in the 1990s" (before Tretyakov was killed this summer by Putin). I might note that Lugar was a friend of Talbot and worked with him frequently.

Lugar has been working furiously right now to build up the votes he needs for this START treaty. It is very much the top Obama priority.

Obama, you may remember, also wrote a paper in college on nuclear arms reduction.  You might argue that's his motivation here, but you may also note that it's the motivation of the communists, too.  And the Russians.  They can't get Cap and Trade right now (which is ideal for weakening the infrastructure of the United States, a long-time goal), so all priority has to go to START.

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  1. I agree with you that this has been Obama's main foreign policy goal. Domestically, I think getting amnesty and citizenship for Mexican illegals is a top priority for him and the Democrats. They are trying to ram this "Dream" program through Congress now before the new Congress takes over.

    As an Objectivist, I am for open immigration in the context of a laissez-faire state. But in today's context the Left is going to try to fill the US with as many non-white immigrants as they can, then play the race card to get an Hispanic voting bloc (in addition to the black, gay, and single female voting blocks they already have) in order to maintain perpetual power. I think this is why Reid won his race; all the illegals voted for him.

    A race-conscious Hispanic voting block in every state could mean the end of any Republican or Tea Party attempt at winning back the country. Using black and Hispanic voting blocks, the Left is poised on pushing America into the abyss. Once there, either revolution, civil war, or dictatorship is the final end - and who knows how that will turn out.

    That's what I see as Obama's major motivations:

    1) weaken/destroy America's military power
    2) create a Leftist hegemony of the culture by using minority voting blocs to end any Republican attempt at overthrowing Leftist rule.

    I live in fear that the Left will succeed. And the Right is weak and pathetic. The only hope is if the Tea Party can develop into a Rand-influenced pro-liberty mass movement. We're fast approaching the 11th hour.

    D. Bandler


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