Friday, October 1, 2010

The Sum of All Tears

My first, last and only post on the Peikoff/McCaskey/ARI/Tracinski "crisis", with no background for anyone who doesn't know it, cause really, you don't want to if you have any kind of life at all.  As I told some friends:
Somehow, with imminent totalitarianism and the survival of the United States and the fate of the world at stake for the next 1000 years, or my own financial survival in the more near-term (I'm out of work almost a year now and facing foreclosure) I can't get too worked up about whether Peikoff was pissed off by a book review by McCaskey, or Tracinski was pissed off because Binswanger wouldn't print his email, or pick your insignificant difference of opinion that anyone of genuine self-esteem would shrug off.

There are things to criticize about Peikoff's behavior, which was childish and boorish, and things to criticize about Harriman's thesis, but at least as much to criticize in Tracinski's overblown characterization of this "crisis" (or his too often flawed analysis of politics or history or philosophy).  For one, he revels too much in it as a crisis, and is clearly delighted that he's had an opportunity to vent after years of holding back.  Shades of David Kelley.

For myself, it's all got a mild entertainment value, but I've got much bigger fish to fry.  I stay focused on fundamentals and my most important objectives, and I'll use anyone who advances that end, so long as their flaws don't get too much in the way.


  1. If there was an injustice here, it should not be brushed off in the name of there being bigger issues. A man has lost his job and the institute we trust most to deal with the fact that "the fate of the world [is] at stake" has not said anything, whether to dispute the seeming injustice or to apologize for it. This is not the movement to brush aside the individual for the greater good. I'm not saying it is clear who is in the right here, but it is certainly not irrelevant.

  2. Rob,

    Thanks for posting this. Your level-headed assessment is the right one IMO. There is flaw, error and blame for everyone involved, and Tracinski obviously has some sour grapes. The American Republic is staring at possible destruction. Objectivists and Objectivism should be beyond this.



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