Monday, September 13, 2010

Trans-Fact meets Fiction

Well, I knew that last post wasn't going to be a big hit, so let's do something more fun. I made a comment to some friends on a silly newspaper story to illustrate how infantile our country is becoming -- the most important thing the survivors of a major disaster needed (a forest fire, and none of them was even injured) was an acupuncture therapy.

This reminded me once again of a favorite movie, "Demolition Man", a story in the year 2032 where touchy-feely wimpy people in the San Angeles metroplex (San Diego to Santa Barbara) live a safe, secure, pampered, passive, and oh-so non-violent existence -- until a ruthless villain from 1999 (Wesley Snipes) escapes from his suspended animation prison and terrorizes a society that has simply lost the capability of  dealing with someone like him.

Mellow greetings, what seems to be your boggle?

A man of action (Sylvestor Stallone) from the same past (1999) has to be released from his own cryo-prison to save everyone, and he discovers that the world of the future ain't what it's cracked up to be:

As I watched this scene once again, a light came on, and I quickly had to look up a scene with the real villain of this story -- the benevolent Dr. Raymond Cocteau, savior and ruler of this world, who was responsible for all the rules, regulations and prohibitions that poor Sylvestor Stallone (the Demolition Man) has to now put up with.

Yep, there ain't no doubt. Dr. Cocteau (Nigel Hawthorne) not only acts like Michael Bloomberg, who is hell bent on banning salt, transfats, smoking, and every other vice known to man, but Dr. Cocteau bloody well looks like Michael Bloomberg! And this was from 1993.

What I really love in this scene is one brilliant identification: that kindly people who want to put us all in a straightjacket of "don'ts" for our own good are nothing more than "evil Mr. Rogers'".

There has to be a scare message here, somewhere. Or maybe it's a really good omen. The speech I love in this movies sums up my attitude toward all the evil Mister Rogers in our world:

Be well.

(P.S.: if you look real close, the guy who blasts Dr. Cocteau into oblivion is Jesse Ventura.)

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