Monday, December 14, 2009

Slipping under the TARP

I had an exchange with someone on 12/8 and I made this side comment regarding Obama:
Everyone is underestimating one sheer evil of TARP: have you noticed that most of the TARP money has not been spent? Something like only 15 or 20% of the $1T had been spent. Obama was saying even today that the banks needed far less money than they expected. Why? Think like a man committed to pure evil. He got in office and what immediately had to have struck him was that he had been given the world's largest slush fund for bribing, buying, conning, conniving, stealing and undermining the system, advancing a Marxist agenda and enriching his power. Congress handed him $1T to do with as he pleased. Not counting the $800billion Bush raised and didn't fully spend (I think). Obama's hoarding that money for ANYthing other than economic recovery. Road projects and other such things as he dribbles it out for are just a cover for the real purpose. Right now, he's still figuring out just exactly what he wants to do with it to promote his agenda, so he can preserve it till the next election.

Another thing: many people commented on my remark (in a post) about why Pelosi had thrown 40 members of her party under the bus to get the Health Care bill passed in the House. Remember the gerrymandering that's going on right now? These guys simply don't believe they will lose because of that. At the least.

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  1. "These guys simply don't believe they will lose because of that."

    Or they are so intent on getting this done that they just don't care.


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