Thursday, December 4, 2008

Uncle Sam Recommends Gorging on Snickers Bars to Control Diabetes

Go to this link and take a look especially at the two graphs near the bottom, showing how increased carbohydrate intake, as recommended by USDA, correlates with obesity, which, of course, correlates with increased diabetes. The fact is, the food recommendations of the U.S. Government are exactly the opposite of a healthy diet -- people need *more* red meat and *less* carbohydrates to eliminate obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, but the medical profession has been so socialized and controlled by the U.S. government and quasi-official US Gov't sanctioned organizations like the AMA, that no one will look at the actual research that proves it. The doctors merely parrot what they are told without questioning it. Now where's my Baby Ruth?

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  1. Well that is a slight exaggeration, my dear, but not far off. Thanks for the link.


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