Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Religious Right hasn't given up

26 Nov 2006
"Brownback, speaking on ABC's ''This Week,'' said there
was both room and a need
among Republicans ''to develop some new plays,
particularly on the compassionate conservative agenda.''
Recall the recent Objective Standard article on the real meaning of the neocons (www.theobjectivestandard.com). This next election will surely be an interesting ride.

I'm reminded of a sci-fi story by Heinlein ("If This Goes On"), written in the 40's, about the religious takeover of the U.S., circa year 2000. From the perspective of a revolution around 2075, after 75 years of rule by,ironically, a series of "prophets", though not of the Muslim kind,Washington DC then being called "New Jerusalem". (The "First Prophet" being the Holy Reverend Nehemiah Scudder, straight from the bible belt around Kansas, who rises from the dead every year to appear on TV for the faithful.)

No, I don't think that's happening in 2008, but it sure is interesting what kind of roaches are being flushed from the water closet right now. (Which is a weird metaphor, I know. A product of my subconscious.)

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